Virtual Dedicated Hosting
Virtual Dedicated Hosting
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Virtual Dedicated Hosting

We live in a time, where the Internet is a huge part of everyone's lives. Therefore, having a website in today's society is more than a way of communicating- it's a necessity. Of course, not every website will become popular and most of them don't even need to be popular. However, there are websites and websites. On the same principle, there are different web hosting service types, which aim at different types of websites. The most popular hosting service is, of course, the shared web hosting, which is also the less expensive one as well. However, if you have a big websites with lots of capabilities and visitors, or if you host a business web store, or portal, which you cannot afford to be down at any point, you will need something that's one step above the average web hosting service. And that's where the dedicated hosting service steps up.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated web hosting is most commonly a term, which refers to owning a dedicated server. The dedicated servers are actual machines, specifically set up for the purpose of being web servers, and dedicated to just one client, unlike shared hosting where one server, with all of its resources and attributes, is shared between multiple users. It is the most powerful, secure and, naturally, expensive form of hosting, since it basically consists of renting a machine just for your own needs. However, since most people don't actually need a whole dedicated server, which offers quite a lot of hosting features, there is another, less expensive, form of dedicated hosting that is quite more affordable and will suit the needs of most of the private hosting users.

Virtual Dedicated Hosting

A virtual dedicated hosting service, also known as Virtual Hosting, a Virtual Private Server, or simply VPS, is the most commonly used hosting service, from the dedicated hosting type. As the name suggests, it is a virtual machine, which offers most of the features, of an actual, physical, dedicated server. It has its own Operating system, a completely independent CPU limitation, it offers complete root access to the configuration files and it can support some of the most commonly used web hosting control panels, such as cPanel and DirectAdmin.

Usage and purpose

A VPS hosting account is best suited for people that need private hosting, however, have only one or a few websites and do not need to pay for all the features and specifications of a complete dedicated server. A Virtual server operates in the exact same manner, as a normal dedicated server. The user again has root access to the configuration files, through a web console, in case any custom alterations are required. Again, the VPS can support the installation of a web hosting control panel, such as a cPanel, or DirectAdmin, which makes managing the VPS, a lot like managing a shared hosting service. Note, however that most web hosting providers, do not offer cPanel as a free service. It is usually an optional service, which comes at an additional price. However, there are also some web hosting companies that offer other control panels for free. For instance,, offer DirectAdmin for free with some of their VPS packages. In addition, they also offer their custom-built web hosting control panel called the Hepsia, again, for free with all of their VPS plans. However, having a control panel is always optional and if you wish to have one on your VPS always make sure that you include that optional setting, when ordering the service.

VPS pricing

Note that for the amount of 125 USD/month, you can get yourself a complete dedicated server and take advantage of all of its features. Therefore, paying over a hundred dollars for a virtual private server is quite pointless. On the other hand, if the VPS plan has a suspiciously low pricing, then this would mean that the hosting company is lacking server stability and/or staff experience and reliability. No serious web hosting provider will set a price for a VPS, lower than at least 15 USD/month, since this won't allow them to hire adequate support staff and purchase up-to-date servers, which directly reflects on the quality of the service. Therefore, the perfect VPS pricing is always somewhere in the middle and should correspond to the amount of hosting features that the plan offers.

VPS packages

Many web hosting providers offer VPS accounts these days. However, a certain amount of research should be performed, before signing up with any provider, since the chance of getting scammed online is quite high. The first and most important thing that a soon-to-become user should look for, is the VPS features and the how well they correspond to the plan's price.

VPS features

Since the VPS is a closed, private, system, its hosting features cannot be oversold. To put it otherwise, no VPS account can have unlimited disk space and traffic features, since it physically impossible. Therefore, VPS offers with unlimited disk space and/or monthly traffic should be avoided at all times.